Client: Magnum Ice Cream / Unilever
Agency: Lola MullewnLowe
Category: Print
Year: 2023


Industry Craft, Award: Bronze

Press & Outdoor, Award: Wood Pencil

THE ONE Club for Creativity
Craft Art Direction, Award: Silver
Craft Illustration, Award: Silver
Out-of-Home Billboards, Award: Merit Award
Out-of-Home Transit & Craft-Illustration, Award: Merit Award

El SOL 2023
Producción, Award: Gold
Exterior - Formatos No Convencionales, Award: Gold
Exterior - Pantallas Digitales, Award: Bronze

On July 18, 2022, the media announced the hottest day in Britain’s history (43ºC). Less than 24 hours later, we launched “Melting Icon”. A series of five graphic pieces was on outdoor digital ads and social media throughout the day, inviting people to enjoy a Magnum before it melts on the hottest day in history. The Sun newspaper even created a new way to measure the heat: how long does it take for a Magnum to melt?

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